The New Normal - Hong Kong Consumers Post COVID-19

Using exclusive data from our local COVID-19 Signals tracker (five waves completed in Hong Kong between March and June 2020) our local experts will showcase what consumers are thinking and doing today, and their thoughts on tomorrow:

  • The new normal: Concretely, what is the impact of the crisis on key consumption categories? Where is online consumption behaviour most likely the stay?
  • New mindsets: Throughout the world, examples of new health-conscious behaviours are emerging. Is this the case for Hong Kong? We will share which types of new healthy behaviours can be observed in the city using real category examples.
  • New expectations: What are Hong Kong consumers’ expectations on the local economy? Or on their travel plans? How do they assess the impact of COVID-19 on their income so far - or in the future - and who do they think is to blame?


Access recording of this webinar HERE


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